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  3. NMB Bank Launches Free Interbank Fund Transfers and Free Debit Card Issuance
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  16. The annual tax 2080_81 of your motorcycle according to the state is as follows
  17. Suzuki will announce the prices of the two SUVs tomorrow in Nepal
  18. BMW iX3 M Electric SUV : German automotive giant launches, its first luxurious electric car for Nepal
  19. Realme C51 With 50MP Dual-Camera, 6.7-inch 90Hz Display
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  33. Xiaomi Pad 6
  34. Xiaomi Brings Out “Sure-shot September Mela” with Exciting Offers!
  35. Pulsar N 250 is priced at Decreased by Rs. 45 thousand In nepal
  36. TVS Monsoon Offer, Raider can be bought by paying 66 thousand
  37. Bajaj Pulsar N 250 and Dominar 250 Price Rs. 45,000 Decreased In Nepal
  38. TVS iQube Electric Scooter to be Launched in NADA Auto Show
  39. The smartphone will be released in September 2023
  40. Advanced Automobiles and Sanima Bank Sign an Auto Loan Agreement
  41. G Motors has launched a new brand Skywell
  42. Up to 6 lakh off on Hyundai vehicles, SUVs on bumper prizes
  43. Latest Honda Elevate in Nepal Market, These are the Features
  44. iPhone 15 series is being released today, what else will come?
  45. The Apple 15 series, which will be released today on September 12, will be released with these colors and features
  46. Honda Dio 125cc engine with price in Nepal
  47. Jagdamba Motors launches its premium Electric Scooter TVS iQube in Nepal
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  55. Realme Launched its 11 series; realme 11 x 5G and realme 11 5G with a Grand Fan Fest
  56. computer shortcut keys is very important
  57. CGNET Offer- Rs. 43,000 for 43-inch Smart TV, 80 Mbps Internet and IPTV
  58. Over 1000 BYD seals sold within an hour of launch
  59. Pulsar NS-400 comes with Dominar-400 engine on NS-200 chassis
  60. Bajaj Bike Price Lists in Nepal Updated [Oct. 2023]
  61. Smart audio alert device connection to Prabhu Bank's QR code, now this facility has been added
  62. Classic Talk has launched Dasain offer
  63. Bajaj Grand Carnival Offer
  64. Vivo V29 Lite unveiled, 5G with 80W Fast-Charging, 120Hz curved AMOLED display and triple cameras
  65. Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles Dashain Offer “Yezdi Five Three Fifty Festival”
  66. Pulsar N160 arrives in Caribbean Blue color on third day of Bajaj 'Grand Carnival'
  67. Yamaha's new motorcycle FZ V3 Standard (with price and features)
  68. Now driving license application and renewal fee can be paid online
  69. Drivers don't have to carry a license anymore!
  70. TVS Brings Nepal Special Edition of Apache RTR 160 4V
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  72. Samsung Galaxy S 23 FE has arrived in the Nepali market, priced at 86,000
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  86. During the Pulsar test ride, you can drink coffee for free in Himalayan Java!
  87. Bajaj EMI Offer Bikes on EMI of NPR 5000 in Nepal
  88. A Chinese company has brought a smart pillow to solve the problem of snorers
  89. The range of electric vehicles can decrease by 30 percent in winter!
  90. Big Discounts on Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung Nepal Rings in 2024
  91. Honda is bringing a low-priced adventure motorcycle to Nepal in a few days
  92. Pulsar N-250 comes with modern features
  93. Pre-booking of OnePlus 12 with 16GB RAM has opened, price is 140,000
  94. SUV Exeter bookings open
  95. Honda brought 'SP-125' motorcycle
  96. MG, upgrading its charging stations, will be out of service for 15 days
  97. The camera spec of Xiaomi 14 Ultra is out, does it compete with Galaxy S24 Ultra?
  98. Discount up to 81 thousand and opportunity to visit Thailand when buying Jiho electric scooter
  99. The process of issuing driving license without road test is wrong: Home Minister Lamichhane
  100. Bajaj is giving gifts of up to Rs 1 lakh in New Year
  101. 10 Tips to Avoid Mobile Hacking
  102. Hero Motocorp in collaboration with CG Motors in the market: Announcing an aggressive business plan, assembly in Nepal
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  111. Smartphone X-Age Snap with 6 GB RAM is now available at 13,500
  112. Changan Deepal L07 for sale in Nepal, price 66 lakh 99 thousand
  113. Lip Motor plans to enter India, T-03 will be launched in Nepal soon
  114. Bajaj's first CNG bike design leaked ahead of launch
  115. Yatri making a cheap electric bike in Nepal, pre-orders will be opened in the next few months
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  117. How to change Desktop Folder to another location for Desktop File Backup
  118. Driving license, passport etc. will be printed in Nepal
  119. Do you use a separate app you download to take and edit photos on your smartphone? Be careful!
  120. Highlighting Features Of Pulsar N150
  121. What powers the Pulsar N150? Let’s take a closer look at the highlighting features of Pulsar N150.
  122. It is important to pay attention while servicing the bike.
  123. How about iPhone 16 Plus?
  124. OnePlus has brought Monsoon Bonanza offer, announced a discount of up to 17 thousand on smartphones
  125. Registration for NADA Auto Show 2024 is opening from 31st May
  126. Since there is no machine to check the kilowatt of the vehicle...
  127. The RB17, Red Bull's first road car like a Formula 1 car, has been unveiled
How to use VPN?

How to use VPN?

Are you concerned about online security or privacy? Or your private information does not reach the hands of hackers? Want to keep your online shopping, search results, bill payment information safe? If yes, then it is possible.

VPN can solve your problems like this. Today we are telling you in detail what VPN is and how it can help you.

Visiting or transacting on unsecured websites means exposing your private information and browsing habits. But VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network keeps you safe while using public network.

It encrypts your internet traffic and hides your online identity. In this case, it becomes difficult for third parties to track your online activity and steal your data.

VPN connects your computer or smartphone to a server computer and you can browse the internet using that computer's internet connection. VPN is not illegal.

It is used worldwide both institutionally and individually. Companies and government agencies also use it. So that your data can be protected.

It is also used in countries where there is a strict governance system. In short, VPN can be used for your online security on public networks.

How does VPN work?

When you are connected to a secure VPN server, your Internet traffic travels through an encrypted tunnel. Which no one can track or see. Whether it's a hacker or the government or your internet service provider.

Of course, your internet data cannot be read or read. To understand how VPN works, let's look at the difference between two scenarios, without VPN and with VPN.

When we use a website without a VPN, we connect to the site through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP gives us a unique IP address. Because the ISP directs and manages our overall Internet traffic.

In this case, the website we visit, the ISP can keep information about it. How can you protect our privacy in such a situation? Now let's talk about another situation i.e. internet connection with VPN.

When we connect to the Internet through VPN, the VPN app (also known as VPN client) on our mobile or computer creates a secure connection with the VPN server. Even in such a situation, the internet that reaches us is rerouted through the ISP itself.

But the ISP cannot see the final destination of such traffic. And the website we are visiting cannot identify our real IP address. Now let's discuss why VPN is needed from here.

Why is VPN necessary?

Software giant Microsoft developed VPN for the first time in 1996. So that employees working outside the office can access the company's secure network.

As the productivity of the company increased due to this, other companies also started adopting it. In this case, you may think that at what time should we use VPN?

If you think your privacy is very important for you, you can always use VPN. But there are some situations in which you may have to use a VPN.

For example, you can use VPN while streaming, traveling, using public WiFi, gaming, shopping, online transactions, etc. How many types of VPN?

Basically there are two types of VPN, remote access VPN and site to site VPN. Remote Access VPN allows users to connect to another network through a private encryption tunnel.

It can be connected through the company's internet server or public internet. Site to Site VPN is also called Router to Router VPN. It is mostly used in the corporate sector.

Especially, there are important offices of the company in different areas. In this case, Site to Site VPN creates such a closed internal network, so that all locations can be connected together. It is called intranet.

Overall, the benefits of VPN are that your browsing history, IP address, location, streaming location, device and web activity are hidden. Along with the advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

For example, slow speed, no cookies protection and no overall privacy. Despite being so secure, VPN cannot be called a service that can provide complete security. Because it can hide data from hackers, government and ISP.

But when the VPN service company wants, they can access that kind of data. Therefore, in such a situation, it is considered appropriate to take VPN service from a reliable VPN provider.

How to choose a good VPN?

VPN can provide sufficient internet speed. So that your privacy is protected and the service provider uses the latest protocol. May his credibility and reputation be good. Match its data limit according to your needs.

So that you can know the location of the server. You should be able to access the VPN from different devices. VPN charges should be relevant. The highest encryption available. Good customer support.

You can get a free trial and also have the facility to block ads. On which devices can VPN be used? VPN can be used on all types of devices that can use the Internet.

Most of the VPN service providers are providing this kind of service on different platforms. For example, laptops, tablets, smartphones, voice assistance, smart appliances, and smart TVs.

The world's best VPN service providers are also providing free VPN services. But there may be some limitations like data limit. We can use it for online security and privacy. But using it for any illegal or immoral work can be risky

There are many paid and free VPNs available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You can download a suitable app and select a suitable location to connect to the VPN.

Best VPN available for free

1. Windscribe (Windscribe)

2. PrivadoVPN

3. (

4. Proton VPN

5. ExpressVPN


How to use VPN?

  1.      First, go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store and download a suitable VPN.
  2.      Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap on connect option
  3.      On the home page of the app, you can see the name of a country as a location, click on it.
  4.      After the VPN connection is ready, you can also see the sign that the VPN connection has been established in the notification bar on top of the mobile.

     But when running on VPN in this way, foreign server location is used, so it depends entirely on international bandwidth. As a result, using the Internet with VPN may feel a bit slow.

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